The Cloud Arch

By Ray White City Precinct

Town Hall Square, George Street

Due for installation in conjunction with the CBD light rail line, this $3.5 million dollar installation is receiving a staggering amount of reactions. “A roller coaster, dental floss, a tapeworm, a piece of spaghetti. Even the curvaceous cartoon movie character Jessica Rabbit”.

Junya  Ishigami is an architect and artist who brings a unique philosophy, aesthetic and skill base to his work.

Ishigami’s Cloud Arch will be constructed of steel plates tapered and curved in two directions, and act as a gateway to the pedestrian section of George Street, with the light rail passing underneath it. This towering artwork will stand between 50 metres and 75 metres over George Street.

“The cloud is that new symbol, comprehensible to all,” the council said. “The cloud evokes comfort, openness and freedom.

“Through freedom it is connected to cloud computing which in turn links to the quality of a connected city.”

Artist’s statement:

Sydney is about to be reborn as we look toward 2030. George Street will change significantly. To plan a vehicle-free, pedestrian-only space at such a large scale in the heart of a major metropolis is considered progressive even at the global scale.

Green, Global and Connected are the characteristics of the new Sydney, and this new public space about to be created in George Street will be the exact manifestation of these qualities.

In disseminating this new image to the world, Sydney will be reborn as a new city in the consciousness of people everywhere. Good public policy is not, in itself, enough – there is a need for a new symbol to embody and communicate these qualities to the world.

The new symbol should be something that allows the three qualities of Green, Global and Connected to be easily understood, shared, and remembered by every individual in this world.

The Cloud is that new symbol, comprehensible to all. The Cloud evokes comfort, openness and freedom. Through freedom, it is connected to cloud computing which, in turn, links to the quality of ‘Connected City’ so important to Sydney.

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