Sydney Darling Quarter

Car Sharing

First of all, WHAT IS IT?

It is just like renting a car, but more convenient because it will just be at your footstep! You can also park at the reserved parking spots around the city and save the hassle of finding a spot to park!

What are the benefits?

It is cost-effective for members and it benefits our environment. Sharing cars reduces demand for new cars and encourages more sustainable travel patterns, as members use public transport and walk and cycle more than people who don’t share a car.

The SGS Economics and Planning study found that car sharing, which has more than tripled in the local area over the past 3 years has led to an easing of parking congestion and savings to residents of $21 million a year, including $18.5 million in deferred car purchases by residents and business.

The study found other benefits include:

  • reduced travel times and traffic congestion
  • reduced parking times
  • personal health improvements from more walking
  • reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to less cars on the road
  • more efficient vehicle usage.

Second of all, HOW DOES IT WORK?

Easy! Just follow these 4 steps and you are good to go!

Step 1: Choose a car share company and sign up online. Choose a payment plan that suits you and await your access card allowing you to open the car in your booked time.
Step 2: Choose the car most suitable for your needs and book it online or over the phone. Bookings can be made at the last minute or up to one year in advance.
Step 3: Meet your car at the closest spot from you and use your access card to unlock the doors. Keys are inside.
Step 4: Drive away. You can take the car wherever you like – just make sure you return it to the same car space before your reservation time expires.

Car sharing locations

The City has created more than 400 reserved parking spaces for car share vehicles so there’s never any problem searching for a parking space!

To help you find your closest parking space, we have created 5 precinct maps for the local area. Each map comes with a table that lists the parking spaces in that precinct.

The precincts mapped are:

Car share companies in Sydney

GoGetoffers a $25 one-off joining fee plus (after refundable $500 security deposit) and thereafter bills at $9 (for occasional use) plus $7.50 per hour; or $29 per month (for frequent use) plus $4.90 per hour. Corporate rates available. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a minimum of two years driving experience. (1300 769 389).

Flexicar has a $50 one-off joining fee plus $50 annual insurance fee and membership for $10 per month (including one free hour) at $12 per hour with corporate rates available and value plans available for frequent usage. No age restrictions. (1300 363 780).

Charter Drivehas a $25 one-off joining fee and bills from $12 per hour (for occasional use) and $25 per month plus $7 per hour (for frequent use). Regulars pay $40 per month plus $5.50 per hour. Drivers must be over 21 with no licence cancellations or suspensions in the last five years. (1300 135 358).

Now you’ve learnt all about car sharing, what are you waiting for!?